Instructions for Commonwealth of Kentucky SSL VPN

1) Go to the address of your vpn gateway in your favorite java supported web browser.

In the video below, I am using as an example.

2) Log into the vpn gateway with your Active Directory username and password. Be sure to prepend your directory name, for example "jus\" for the Justice Cabinet.

Notice: The browser may ask you to install 2 components of the system, cachewiper and NetDirect. These components are optional, but some extra functions of the VPN system may not work without them. Install at your discretion.

3) Once logged in, find the link associated with your machine from the list. Click the link.

4) When the link is clicked, java will spawn a new window that will begin your remote desktop session. If any dialog boxes are presented, make sure to read them fully and respond accordingly.

5) Your remote desktop session has been started. When your session is complete, you may safely close the browser window.

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